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Whether we process personal data for business or on behalf of third parties, MNS Credit Management Group respects the privacy of every data subject with whom we come into contact. We think it's critical that you comprehend the types of personal information we handle about you, why we do it, and your legal rights. You may learn more about how MNS Credit Management Group processes your personal data by reading our Privacy Policy, which we strongly encourage you to do.

This privacy statement explains how we use your personal information when we are the data controller and are in charge of processing it, such as when we're handling debt collection or delivering financial reports. We just serve as a data processor for some of our services, processing your personal information as directed by our clients, such as when we offer invoice services (Sales Ledger Services). Please get in touch with your agreement party if you would like more details about how your personal data is handled in connection with these services

Depending on whether you are a client representative, a customer, a vendor, or a job applicant, we may process personal data about you in various ways and contexts. Depending on how you choose to connect with us, we may also process personal data about visitors to our website(s). No matter what, we pledge to never market, sell, or use your personal information against the rules governing data privacy.
You can read more about our data processing under the Privacy policy section below if you are a current or potential client, vendor, or have any other relationship with the MNS Credit Management Group. Contact our Data Protection Officer if you have any additional questions about how we handle your personal data or if you would want to make a complaint about how we handle it, especially in respect to any of your data subjects' rights. We will look into your concerns.

It is the duty of MNS Credit Management Group to provide adequate and reasonable security for the personal data we handle. Unless the personal data breach is "unlikely to result in a risk for the rights and freedoms of individuals," we are required to report any breach of personal data to the supervisory authority. We must also promptly notify the data subject in question where there is a breach of personal information that poses a significant danger to their rights and freedoms.

Why Did WE Obtain Access To And Use Your Data?
To enter into and/or carry out the agreement we have with your company, we must process the personal data belonging to your business. Depending on how you choose to connect with us, we may additionally process personal data regarding visitors to our website(s) or physical locations.
To enter into and/or carry out the agreement we have with your company, we must process the personal data belonging to your business. Depending on how you choose to connect with us, we may additionally process personal data regarding visitors to our website(s) or physical locations.

In order to establish and manage customer and commercial relationships, for marketing purposes, and to protect the MNS Credit Management Group's workers and assets, we have a legitimate interest in processing your data. We may also use your information in accordance with our legitimate interests to send you information about our services, performance updates, events, and training that may be of interest to you or to carry out duties that are required or preferred by the business relationship you represent.
In accordance with data protection laws, your data will be held in strict confidence.

We solely keep the data required to manage the contractual or business relationship. We require your name, job title, and contact information, which includes your address, landline number, mobile number, and email address, in order to get in touch with you.
We may, under some conditions, need a copy of your passport or other form of identification as well as relevant information in order to meet our legal requirements linked to, for example, anti-money laundering.

We also use closed-circuit surveillance cameras in a number of spots across our place of business for the safety of our personnel and to protect your personal information. We will destroy the records after a brief interval unless we are required to do so by law.
We may ask a screening expert to assess if there are any conditions that might preclude you or the organization you represent from the assignment, depending on the task's specifics and the applicable nation.
We will not include special categories of personal information unless we have an agreement with you to do so or unless it is required for the establishing, exercising, or defending of legal claims.

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Forward-looking statements refer to assertions that are not historical facts. Furthermore, comments that include "expects," "anticipates," "believes," "plans," "guidance" and similar phrases are meant to be considered forward-looking. All of these predictions are based on what MNS Credit Management Group believed to be fair assumptions at the time they were made. Forward-looking statements, however, do not represent guarantees of future performance because they are based on assumptions, risks, and other factors that could prove to be unfounded. As a result, actual results and experience for MNS Credit Management Group could differ materially from projections or other expectations made in such forward-looking statements.

Ability of MNS Credit Management Group to successfully carry out its growth strategy, including the ability to meet its financial flexibility goals under the terms and conditions contemplated by MNS Credit Management Group;
Changes in the market and industry, including changes in customers' preferences for services and products;
Competitive pressures leading to price reductions and/or market share loss;
Risks related to investments and operations in foreign countries, inc.
Ability of MNS Credit Management Group to safeguard its confidential data and technology;
Risk of Loss of Key Business Assets, including Data Centre Capacity;
Interruptions in Telecommunications or Power Sources;
Changes in the Legal, Regulatory, Accounting, and Commercial Environments Affecting the ability of MNS Credit Management Group to Collect, Manage, Aggregate, and Use Data;
Ability of MNS Credit Management Group to Attract and Retain Key Employees.
The MNS Credit Management Group makes no commitments tzo publicly release any revisions to any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances that may arise.

Information identifying a specific individual
Without your consent and a valid legal basis, we will not gather your personally identifying information. We also won't sell or rent any such information. We may ask for your personally identifiable information in order to deliver a particular good, service, or piece of knowledge to you, or to complete a transaction. Your name, title, shipping address, billing address, email address, phone number, and/or fax number, for instance, may be included in this information. Only when necessary is personally identifiable information gathered in order to deliver goods, services, or information, complete a transaction, or if you voluntarily supply it to us for another reason, including when applying for a job.